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Covid-19 Protocols

Shuttlesport reserves the right to refuse admission and may ask patron(s) to leave if the following safety protocols are violated.

COVID-19 Participant Waiver.JPG

Prior To Arrival

Before arriving at Shuttlesport, please ensure you bring the following personal items. Each person must bring their own as we will not allow sharing.

  • face mask

  • towel

  • water bottle

  • non-marking shoes

  • racket

Parking and Drop-off

We have designated parking spots (labeled "Shuttlesport") in front of, to the side of, and at the back of the building. Please use these provided spots for parking and not any of the neighboring spots, or else you will be towed at your own expense.

Parents should drop off their kids at the front door. The viewing area upstairs is closed at this time to minimize congregational areas.

Upon Arrival

A staff member will check your temperature* and guide you to the washroom. Please wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds, after which you may enter the gym or be asked to wait until the start time of your session.


*38C or above is considered a fever, and you will be asked to leave

On Courts

Please place your belongings by one of the many foldable chairs stationed around the gym. You may sit on the chair during break times throughout the lesson. Staff members sanitize all chairs between every session.

Doubles play is now allowed at this time.

Exiting and Pick-up

Exit the club through the back door from inside the gym. Those who are being picked up will be asked to wait outside.

Washroom Use

Washroom use will be allowed for emergencies only, one person at any given time.

Use Common Sense

Shuttlesport staff regularly disinfect and clean all high-touch surface areas to ensure club cleanliness. We ask that all members and patrons do their part in keeping everyone safe as well.

  • Stay 6ft/2m apart from others in lines and whenever possible

  • Wear a mask when speaking to others within close distance

  • Do not visit if you have any flu or cold-like symptoms

  • Do not visit if you have recently travelled, and are required to self-isolate or quarantine

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